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Real Estate

 We will help to make your first home or your dream home purchase as seamless as possible. 


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Wills & Personal Planning

If you have never made a will or need to update an existing will, we will make the process as comfortable as possible so your wishes are legally …

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Statutory Declarations and Affidavits are documents where the person signing is swearing they understand the facts contained in the document are true.

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What is a Notary?

 A Notary Public offers non-contentious legal services to the community. Grant Sauer Notary Public offers professional legal services, with a personal flare that includes house calls, hospital calls and bank signing appointments.

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    Grant Sauer


    • We used Grant’s services as a conveyancer for selling and buying our home. Had a great experience working with him. I found him patient and very detailed in answering my questions. And thanks for the Starbucks gift card 😂. The gift card was in return of some of my inputs as an IT auditor so please do not ask for one

      Tj Lamba

    • Katrina Grabowski
      I used Grant Sauer Notary for finalizing the sale of my home. The staff were friendly and helpful and made the process very quick and simple. 100% recommend.

      Katrina Grabowski

    • Calen Rayne
      What an awesome experience and very affordable. Grant and his staff looked after my every need and recommend them to anyone.

      Calen Rayne

    • Amy Little
      If you want someone to go the extra mile with you or to brainstorm ways to solve huge problems when everything seems to be unraveling, Grant is your guy. He is our hero. Without him, we would not have a house to move into. It’s true! His no-nonsense, all business attitude gets the job done. Not to mention his staff who were ever so patient with us as we navigated the waters of buying a new home. Samantha stayed on top of many things and produced the paperwork at record speed to allow our deal to go through at the very last moment …literally with minutes to spare. Thank you, Grant. We would not want to relive that day but are glad we chose you to be our notary. Many blessings upon you and your business.

      Amy Little