Real Estate

At Grant Sauer Notary Public, we make your first home or your dream home purchase as seamless as possible. When selling or refinancing your home we will ensure mortgages related to your property are paid out and sale or mortgage proceeds are received in a timely and professional manner.

We are here for all your Real Estate needs!

We offer the following Real Estate Services:

We offer the following Real Estate Services:




Family Transfers

Restrictive Covenants

Builder’s Liens

Commercial Seller Purchases


   Easements and Rights of Way

Asset Sell Purchase


Personal property security agreements


When we notarize documents, our goal is to prevent fraud. Two pieces of Valid identification are required. We complete affidavits for all documents required at public registry within British Columbia including:

  • Affidavits

  • Statutory Declarations

  • Letters of Invitation

  • Travel Consent Letters

  • Certified true copies of documents

  • Apostille Services

Statutory Declarations and Affidavits are documents where the person signing is swearing that they understand the facts contained in the document and that they are true. We will ensure you have read and comprehend the document before we administer the oath, affirmation or declaration and that you swear, affirm or declare that the statements made in the document are true. The date and place of the
signing of the statutory declaration or affidavit are set out, as well as the fact that it took place in the presence of the commissioner of oaths.

Please Note: To sign any legal documents, you must provide the Notary with 2 pieces of valid Identification (one of the pieces must be Government issued with a photo-such as a Driver’s License, BC ID, Passport, Permanent Resident Card, etc.) The other could be a credit card, birth certificate, etc.


A Will is a necessity in life. Whether or not you have children, it’s an important thing to have in adult life. A will is used to distribute your estate or causes that you want to benefit from it. If you have children, it’s important to have a will in place to appoint a guardian for any children under the age of 19 years. A Will reduces the time and money your loved ones will have to spend to settle your estate and simplify things for them while they grieve. If you need to make your first will or it is time to update your current will, our office will help make the process as comfortable as possible so your wishes are legally documented. It is recommended that your will is updated every five years to ensure it meets your wishes. We help families prepare for the “What ifs” of life. At Grant Sauer Notary Public we will listen to your concerns and draft a Will specific to your needs.

Estate Planning is like fire insurance, you may not think you need it, but if you do, your family will be glad you have it!


Power of Attorney

A power of Attorney (POA) appoints a trusted person(s) to make financial and legal decisions if you are ever incapable of doing it for yourself. There are two types of Power of Attorneys; Enduring and specific. Each one is used in different circumstances. An Enduring Power of Attorney does not expire. This kind of POA is commonly used to give authority directly to individuals in case something happens to their mental or physical health, that renders them incapable. A specific Power of Attorney is used to allow someone limited access to their affairs. These are commonly used if someone is not going to be in the country and they need someone to take care of their real estate, automobile, or their financial
affairs within British Columbia.

Representation Agreement

A representation Agreement is primarily used to make decisions regarding your personal health and medical decisions, including providing or withholding consent for specific medical procedure. It also contains end of life decisions.

A Representation Agreement is essential to confirm who is allowed to make medical decisions on your behalf and who is not.

 Advanced Directives

An Advanced Directive is used when you are very clear about what health care you have chosen for end-of-life issues. They are instructions to your health care providers for advanced consent or refusal of health care decisions. These directives must be followed by anyone caring for your medical needs.



In order to make legal documents, an adult must be deemed mentally capable. Until the contrary is demonstrated, as adult is presumed capable of making decisions about their financial affairs and understanding the nature and consequences of making, changing or revoking an Enduring Power of Attorney.

We ensure that all clients signing documents at our office, are able to understand their legal rights and obligations.